[LINK] Researchers See Privacy Pitfalls in No-Swipe Credit Cards

Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Tue Oct 24 14:15:16 AEST 2006

Adam Todd wrote:
> Just sit at a rail way station with a PDA and reader, mobile phone and 
> start reading and debiting cards for $2 :)
> By the time authorities link all the "fraud" claims, assuming anyone 
> would bother to report a $2 transaction, and discover the location, the 
> stations security tapes would be long gone!
> Money for nothing.  Now I just need to work out the "Chicks for Free" part.

Actually, the 'interesting' part of this is how hard would it be to 
prosecute you, assuming they can get their act together fast enough?
Would 'we have video surveillance of you quietly sitting, minding your 
own business, in the areas these crimes occurred' be sufficient for the 
search warrant needed to grab your equipment to show you have the 
capability to do the deed?
(I wouldn't do this, myself, but its scary to think how the world is 
changing - its really becoming the world of punk science fiction)


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