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Geoff Ramadan gramadan at umd.com.au
Wed Oct 25 16:29:18 AEST 2006

Eric Scheid wrote:
> On 25/10/06 10:56 AM, "Geoff Ramadan" <gramadan at umd.com.au> wrote:
>> Also thinking about it also protects privacy. Unless you have the database,
>> the number is meaningless.
> Not quite.
> The AOL search logs debacle showed that if you serially identify someone,
> and then track and collect information about that ID, you could infer a
> great deal about the anonymous person, perhaps enough to identify them.
>> Unless you have the database,
>> the number is meaningless.
> If you have the number, and track where that number appears, and link it to
> your own database, you now have a great deal of meaning.
> e.

I would accept this if a person had a permanent RFID attached.

In this case, it is only used for the duration of the event.

Also, on another point where do you drawer the line?

I can start recording peoples vehicle registration numbers.

I can track via facial recognition system.

These are all technically "doable" but does this mean we need to hide our faces 
and registration numbers because on the possibility we could be tracked?


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