[LINK] Professors Call Both Sides Wrong on Privacy

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> Bernard Robertson-Dunn said:
>>Professors Call Both Sides Wrong on Privacy
>>Sue Bushell
>>24/10/2006 12:40:06
> Absolutely typical of economists.  The analysis is predicated on the
> assumption that economics is what matters, and all that matters.  Such
> wussy notions as human rights, social values and political freedoms simply
> don't exist as far as they're concerned - except of course to the extent
> that they can be reduced to a dollar-value.

...not just economists

> Skilling Sentence Marks Latest Crackdown on Corporate Crimes
> Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling was sentenced Monday to more than 24 years in prison for his part in accounting practices that led to the company's collapse. His is the latest in a series of cases of corporate corruption that have rocked the business world.


> JEFFREY SONNENFELD: Well, I think we've seen boards become very responsive to their owners. They're doing a good job. And CEOs are very responsive to their owners who are trying much better transparency.
> The people who have not been held accountable are often the advisers, many times the law firms. And that's the secret problem in places like HP: horrible legal advice. And they've never been held accountable. Many of these back-dating issues tie back to the same law firm right at the core of them.
> JEFFREY BROWN: Do you see any move in that direction?
> JEFFREY SONNENFELD: Not enough. It's very hard, since the lawyers write the laws and prosecute the bad guys, that not necessarily it's professional courtesy, but it's very hard to actually hold the legal community to the standards they need to be held to, to make sure that folks don't hide behind the skirts of misguided legal advice, of which there's plenty of it out there.

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