[LINK] RFI: Unprintability of Web-Page

Kim Davies kim at cynosure.com.au
Thu Oct 26 18:30:50 AEST 2006

Quoting Roger Clarke on Thursday October 26, 2006:
| None of Safari, Mozilla or Camino can print the content of this page:
| http://www.staysmartonline.gov.au/securing_your_computer
| All are fairly up-to-date versions, under moderately up-to-date MacOSX 
| 10.2.4.
| Cursor placement makes no difference.  It just prints the top-line, 
| then "Back to top    Technology and the Arts on behalf of the 
| Australian Government.", then spaces.
| Can anyone quickly see what the problem is?  (As an inveterate 
| sceptic, I immediately suspect MS-specific code in the HTML, but 
| nothing hit me wwhen I quickly scanned it).

The problem is the print-specific CSS file[1] inexplicably has the
declaration "display: none" on the part of the page that contains the
content. The irony I suppose is that print-specific CSS declarations are
intended to create a standards-compliant print-friendly version without
the need for little printer icons, but at the moment seems to actively
make the print version worse.

If you delete the last line of the CSS file it prints fine.


[1] http://www.staysmartonline.gov.au/__data/assets/text_file/3748/print.css

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