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Geoffrey Ramadan gramadan at umd.com.au
Thu Oct 26 22:16:27 AEST 2006

Stephen Loosley wrote:
> Hi all,
> The following assertions regarding life's purpose are entirely original.  
> The idea stems from the work of Einstein, Carl Jung & Gopi Krishna.
> Everything in the universe is spinning, from galaxies to muons, from
> the earth’s iron core to heat from a candle. Over time, a spin is a coil.
> I assert that this bit of space, our 3 dimensions, looks 90 degrees to us.
> But in four dimensions, things coil electromagnetically, and our life-dna
> strands have evolved as coils in response, and, can oscillate with electro
> magnetic forces, when they are allowed to be in tune with these forces.
> A spiral, with time, is a coil. "Einstein's theory of spacetime called 
> general relativity takes the concept of a four dimensional spacetime and
> extends it to a curved spacetime, where time and space make one united
> fabric that is curved and twisted by the distribution of matter and energy".
> http://superstringtheory.com/experm/exper5.html
> I assert we are inside a spiral, looking ahead, moving along in a coil.
> Here are two photos. The first is what we humans see looking up, with
> out the stars etc, and the second is what we see when we only include the
> largest objects in space. Clearly, a coil shaped environment within coils.
> Background radiation only: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap061008.html
> Largest objects only: http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr162/lect/gclusters/gwall.html
> I assert that our DNA coil shape is simply a response to the quantum
> electromagnetic forces around us, and according to yoga, best, though
> rarely, attuned to our surrounding frequencies. Our frequency helix-coil
> patterns, both generated and received by our DNA within our bodies can
> and do oscillate electromagnetically, and most properly when in harmony
> with our environment.
> Science has just recently proved our DNA is electromagnetically aware. 
> (See: Stoermer RL and Keating CD, http://www.pubmed.com). So if an
> object (dna) is capable of doing something (electromagnetic response) it
> obviously does it. And, yoga claims, it's best in environmental harmony. 
> So what, you say. Well, I assert that a human search for oneness with the
> universe can be achieved by tuning-in our dna coils, lengthways, with the
> universal frequencies. And the many branches of Hinduism can assist this.
> In future, we can have our kundalini activate our chakras with breathing
> exercises and mental training using modern-day terminology rather than
> metaphysical Hindu metaphors, such as snakes. And maybe science can
> help, with bio-feedback (eg, computer/internet EEG (brainwave) & GSR
> data analysis) and with particularly sensitive room ion-generators or even
> DNA drugs / treatment / technology for harmony with natural frequencies.
> I think it's possible for humans to operate at electromagnetic levels of
> consciousness, and with development, the third eye of the pineal gland can
> enable us to operate in four dimensions. The human pineal gland, between
> the brain hemispheres has cells like eye cells, and, I believe to sense
> frequencies above and below light .. other electromagnetic sensory input.
> Einstein said energy and matter are the same. So, what appears space to
> us, is simply energy we can’t perceive. An electromagnetic energy ‘ether’
> surrounds us all, I think as coiled strings, and we can get with the strength.
> Stephen Loosley
> October 24 2006
> Part Two Follows.
> .
This reminds me of Deepak Chopra and "the quantum mechanical human body".

Chopra introduces us to what he calls the “quantum mechanical human 
body.” His theory is that “by treating the underlying quantum mechanical 
body itself, ...

Geoffrey Ramadan

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