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Geoffrey Ramadan gramadan at
Thu Oct 26 23:23:41 AEST 2006

Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Geoff Ramadan wrote:
>> I had found out that IBM had accidentally used RFID readers based on 
>> US transmission frequencies (915Mhz) instead of the Australian 
>> Compliant frequency range:
>> i.e
>> 1W EIRP 918-926Mhz
>> 4W EIRP 920-926MHz
>> Also some devices are software configurable, and they may have 
>> inadvertently changed the settings (eg. via reset) etc.
> In our heightened state of alert, it seems surprisingly easy to 
> disrupt telecommunications.
> I presume there is some stiff penalty for this or were they given all 
> the approvals....

The ACMA tend to give warnings first, however, if the problems persist 
or they "digress" again, they can be up for some very heavy fines.

Apart from equipment normal EMI certification, the "wireless" side is a 
"class" licence.
i.e. It is not issued to an individual user, and does not involve 
licence fees or licence conditions applied to individuals.

In particular, RFID comes under the "Radiocommunications (Low 
Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence 2000.

It is self regulated


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