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Sat Oct 28 00:02:43 AEST 2006

Dear All

The highly fluid technological leaps and bounds require us  to provide
services which are user friendly and accesible. So to say "any time
and all time" information availability.    We all know the impact of
Internet technology in the field of library science - it helpes us to
reach the personal inbox spaces of individuals and corporates.
Mobile technology enables us to reach the information right into the
pocket.  Targeted primarily at end users - Students, Faculty,
corporate members and staff. Installation of e-books on various models
mobile phones and other handheld devices (including laptop, desktops).
 > The Library at Dr. VN BRIMS would be happy  to help other
libraries to launch this service. >  > The members would be happy to
note that our students have already started using this service. This
helps them to read e-books on their mobile phones when they are
travelling thus utilising their time productively.

 For More Information Please feel free to contact me at
sandeep.bhavsar at gmail.com


Sandeep Bhavsar
Dr.V.N.Bedekar Institute of Management Studies
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email : sandeep.bhavsar at gmail.com
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