[LINK] Re: RFI: Unprintability of Web-Page (AUSCERT#20064d781)

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Mon Oct 30 09:14:54 AEDT 2006


This has to be a success story: isn't it nice to see that when  
someone finds a problem in a significant govt site/page, that it is  
possible to find a solution, act on it, and improve on what was done  
before, and generate learning in the process.

It's not often that a gripe about a web page results in change and  
improvement so quickly, and with useful dialogue along the way.  
Possibly even a first for Link, too.

Well done, Roger, Avi, et al!


On 30/10/2006, at 8:52 AM, Avi Miller wrote:

> On 27/10/2006, at 10:02 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:
>> DCITA's web designers may need a remedial CSS course.  ;-)
> The design was not done by DCITA, it was done by us. Unfortunately,  
> that CSS code was left behind after testing and we fixed last  
> Friday. The site has been updated and I tested it last week and it  
> was working properly.
> Thanks,
> Avi

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