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from [highered_update] Higher Education Update - an EdNA Online 
newsletter,  Issue 34 2006  ISSN 1449-0552

>Wikipedia co-founder plans 'expert' rival
>One of Wikipedia's founders and closest critics is launching an 
>alternative to the free online encyclopedia this week. Larry Sanger, 
>a co-founder of Wikipedia and the site's former editor-in-chief, is 
>launching a rival site called Citizendium. It will include user 
>registration and editorial controls to govern user-submitted 
>articles, unlike the free-for-all submission process that reigns on 
>Wikipedia. With 'gentle' controls in place, Sanger said Citizendium 
>will naturally weed out so-called trolls from posting obscenities or 
>biased information.
>ZDNet News, 16 October 2006
>World-first internet code a highlight of ACMA's first year
>Registering the world's first legislative code of practice for 
>internet and email service providers was one of the highlights of 
>the Australian Communications and Media Authority's first year of 
>operation, as detailed in its annual report for 2005-06, released 
>recently. 'The code, registered by ACMA in early 2006, was developed 
>by the internet industry in support of Australia's Spam Act 2003 and 
>the fight against spam globally. Full credit to the industry for 
>doing so,' said Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman.
>ACMA Media release, 19 October 2006

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