[LINK] Australian Government Web Accessibility Audit Findings, Canberra, 18 January 2007

Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Mon Jan 8 16:40:46 AEDT 2007


>Seventh Canberra WSG meeting
>When: Thursday 18 January
>Time: 2.30 pm - 4.45 pm (please arrive by 2.15 pm to register with 
>security, even earlier if you need to find a car park)
>Where: Bunker Theatre, Department of the Environment and Heritage, 
>John Gorton Building, King Edward Tce, Parkes, ACT  2600
>Cost: Free
>RSVP: gavin.dispain at deh.gov.au (very important to speed up the sign 
>in process)
>First speaker: Alexi Paschalidis, Oxide Interactive Topic 1: Navy 
>web site redevelopment ...
>Second speaker: Gavin Dispain, Department of the Environment and Heritage
>Topic 2: 2006 web standards audit of Australian Government home pages
>During December 2006, the home pages of 105 Australian Government 
>web sites were audited for compliance with W3C, WAI and Australian 
>Government best practice web standards. Gavin will present the 
>findings of the audit.
>Web sites that were audited: aad, abs, accc, accesscard, afma, afp, 
>ag, agimo, ags, ahc, aic, amsa, anao, anbg, aph, apsc, apvma, army, 
>asada, asic, asio, ato, ausport, australia, 
>australianapprenticeships, awm, bom, casa, centrelink, chah, 
>citizenship, coag, community, communitywatergrants, connected, 
>connectedwater, crimecommission, crimtrac, cultureandrecreation, 
>customs, daff, dcita, defence, deh, dest, dewr, dfat, dha, 
>directory, dotars, dpmc, dsd, dva, environment, ephc, 
>e-strategyguide, facs, finance, ga, gbrmpa, gcu, gov, greenhouse, 
>greenvehicleguide, harbourtrust, health, heritage, hreoc, 
>humanservices, immi, industry, ipaustralia, jobsearch, lebmf, lwa, 
>mdbc, medicareaustralia, mincos, movingintowork, naa, napswq, 
>nathers, nationalcapital, navy, nht, nla, npi, nrm, nsif, nwc, 
>oilrecycling, oipc, orer, ozco, peo, pm, privacy, publications, 
>smos, tenders, tga, travelsmart, treasury, waterrating, wea
>Third speaker: Karl Hayes, Hitwise Topic 3: Best practice tactics 
>for government web sites ...
>... <file://www.webstandardsgroup.org>www.webstandardsgroup.org ...

ps: Make sure you book and turn up on time. You can't wander in off 
the street, as the meeting is held in the "bunker theatre" UNDER the 
Department of Environment <http://www.tomw.net.au/travel/gallery.shtml#jgb>.

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