[LINK] SPAM to my link only address: Fwd: within my wrath of you.

Eleanor Lister eleanor at pacific.net.au
Sat Jan 6 20:00:10 AEDT 2007

Adam Todd wrote:
> At 05:54 PM 6/01/2007, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>> I hate to tell you but the Link archive is an open archive, one
>> reason why I use:
>> X-No-Archive: yes
>> in my mail headers.
> Yes but most publishing software munges the addresses!
>> OK, my pearls of wisdom are not cast before swine, but neither is my
>> email address.
> Oh it's OK, I'll just change the address :)
i have my real spam under control, but i am getting a mountain of
redirected spam where some of my email addresses are being set as "Reply
To" in the spam, so i get all the spamfilters sending it to me

i don't quite understand some of the spam, it can't really be targeted
or i wouldn't get:

* foreign medications, kinda pointless since our PBS makes them cheaper
than the spammers' goods

* offers of govt finance that only americans can apply for

* Viagra & penis enlargement (guys, figure out why i ain't interested,

and many more, equally pointless.

why can't they offer me something i would buy, like a new camera, or
some nice shoes with 3" heels, or a date with James Bond?

it's the lack of imagination that offends.

Eleanor Ashley Lister
South Sydney Greens
webmistress at ssg.nsw.greens.org.au

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