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On 2007/Jan/09, at 6:53 AM, Rick Welykochy wrote:

> Jan Whitaker wrote:
>> I nearly peed myself! There's no debating illogic with some people  
>> who truly 'believe'. (George Bush et al come to mind as well.)
> You begin to touch on many of the points raised by Richard Dawkins on
> ABC/RN just before Xmas, promoting his new book "The God Deception".
> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-dawkins/why-there-almost- 
> certainl_b_32164.html?p=24
> contains some of his thinking in blog format. Basically, the WORLD  
> is suffering
> pretty bad due to religion and irrational belief systems that  
> affect all
> areas of human endeavour from politics to sex. Hey ... sounds like  
> a dinner
> party conversation!
> Anway, getting off topic now.

Just to be really OT there was an article about Dawkin's book in  
NewScientist a couple of months back.  He was saying that religion  
has been responsible for more killings than any other cause.  The  
writer of the article pointed out that the four or so "regimes" of  
the twentieth century that have been responsible for the most and the  
most systemic and state orchestrated killings have all been secular  
states: Germany under Hitler, Cambodia under Pol Pot, Russia under  
Stalin and China under Mao.  Perhaps religion has an ameliorating  
effect on human violence.

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