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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 10:52 AM 10/01/2007, Stewart Fist wrote:
>This is dubious in my opinion; it might effect/affect (Ivan??) the mood, but
>I doubt it affects/effects the body.
>The body heals by itself, with or without placebos -- and with or without
>feelings of well-being. It even heals in a coma.

(to affect - verb; effect - noun)

moving right along: good points, Stewart, but is there any conclusive 
research either way? Is this possibly one of those threshold issues 
that we were discussing about re radiation levels? There are studies 
about the effects (note: noun :-) ) of endorphins to increase healing 
( or did I make that up? can't recall).

The body can heal itself if it's not deteriorated too much (think 
pneumonia) or if it has the defense mechanisms still in place (think 
Immune Deficiency syndromes). Nothing much is going to heal the body 
unless there are external manipulations. Even broken bones will heal, 
but may heal wrongly if not seen to. Of course mental state won't do 
much unless it's the intent to seek out someone to do the 
healing/fixing. Logically, I would think people with depression may 
not have the right mind set. And those who are keen on life will.

There was a discussion this morning on ABC about PTSD and how those 
who have it (coming back from Afghanistan/Iraq) are having to fight 
the DVA all over again for compensation, even though they have been 
diagnosed by two separate independent hospitals, one a repatriation 
hospital in Perth. These guys are in no state to fight the 
bureaucrats. Bilson tried to squirm out of it, but didn't convince me.

Now I am spinning out a bit far....


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