[LINK] UK government to create 'super websites'

Antony Barry tony at tony-barry.emu.id.au
Thu Jan 11 07:16:55 AEDT 2007

On 10/01/2007, at 10:12 PM, Ivan Trundle wrote:

> [Whitehall is to shut down 551 websites to make access to  
> information easier for citizens and businesses, the minister for  
> Transformational Government has said]
> ....

> Relevant information from the closed websites will be transferred  
> to the governments 'super websites', Directgov and Business Link.

I've always felt uncomfortable with too much centralisation and tend  
to have an emotional attachment to decentralised models without a  
clear idea why.

Models like pictureaustralia <http://www.pictureaustralia.org/> which  
gives a single access point and a unitary appearance through the use  
of standards while letting each component do it's own thing seem to  
make sense to me.

Maybe behind the scenes to UK Government is doing this but I suspect  
that everything is going on a big central database providing a single  
point of failure.

Perhaps it's the contrast between one resulting from bottom up  
cooperation and the other from central direction.


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