[LINK] Digital Culture Talk on Second Life, 14 February 2007, Canberra

Eleanor Lister eleanor at pacific.net.au
Thu Jan 11 11:25:04 AEDT 2007

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> At 03:14 PM 10/01/2007, Tom Worthington wrote:
>>> Flying Librarians of Oz: What's the fuss about Second Life and
>>> what's it got to do with libraries?
>>> Second Life is an online virtual community created by its residents
>>> and run by Linden Labs. Over two million people have registered:
>>> Dell Computing, Adidas, Harvard Law School and the United States
>>> Congress all have a presence there. ...
> I just saw a Second Life hack where the person doing the interview was
> attacked by a series of dancing penises to the tune of Dance of the
> Sugar Plum Fairies. Hilarious! It's on YouTube. They were not amused....

awww, give us the link!

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