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On 2007/Jan/11, at 6:22 AM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> At 01:04 PM 11/01/2007, Stewart Fist wrote:
>> For instance, if placebo just means that the patient feels better  
>> having
>> been given a pill, then why not say so.  Why give it a fancy  
>> medical term?
> at least it's not an acronym
>> Similarly, if nocebo just refers to the psychological effects,  
>> then call it
>> hypochondria or irrational-fear, or whatever.
> I hadn't heard this before, but it doesn't mean fear or  
> hypochondria. It means taking medicine that should work, but  
> doesn't because the person expects it not to.

It means taking medicine that should work or have no effect and it  
has a negative affect.

> Placebos used in blind studies employ inert substances - sugar  
> pills for example - and the placebo effect is the statistical part  
> of the sample who get better even when they take those and not the  
> treatment with the active ingredient.

And the part of those who take the active ingredient and get better  
by themselves anyway.

> Whether or not it's the body healing itself or a psychological  
> predisposition because the person thinks they are taking an active  
> medicine is of course debatable.

There is real healing taking place and that is part of where the  
problem is.  The body can heal itself pretty well, in fact it does so  
most of the time without or in spite of intervention.  The other  
problem with placebos is that the placebo healing seems to take place  
"because the patients believe they are taking medicine that will cure  
them".  If they know they are taking a placebo it has no effect or  
much less.

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