[LINK] 1.5 Mbps limit lifted from Telstra's ADSL DSLAMs?

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Fri Jan 12 15:37:51 AEDT 2007

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 03:00:31PM +1100, Rick Welykochy wrote:
> Craig Sanders wrote:
> >the freebsd ports system is nice, but it's a lot more hassle and a lot
> >more time-consuming than 'apt-get dist-upgrade'
> Upgrading is never that simple on a production box. You first have
> to create the same environment (pre upgrade) on a test server, then
> do your upgrades to that, test the whole mess and ensure nothing
> was broken by the upgrade, and finally:
> apt-get dist-upgrade

well, kind of. yes and no. "yes", you need to test the upgrade first.
and "no", you don't always have to replicate the exact environment on
a test server. as long as you test that the stuff that the production
server needs will continue working after the upgrade, that is (most of
the time) enough.

the more crucial the server, the more important it is to test

> Given that most of the time is taken in setting up and testing the
> upgrade, I don't see why it is that much harder to keep a BSD box up
> to date (Robin's words, not Craig's).

downloading and compiling source for each package that needs upgrading
is time-consuming and a significant load on the system (CPU, disk,
memory) - even if it's all automated by Makefiles as the BSD ports
system is. in short, it's tedious - and time better spent on testing
and/or configuring the packages.

> Does Bush check the Rapture Index daily, as Reagan did his stars?
> We don't know, but would anyone be surprised?
>      -- Richard Dawkins

i just finished his God Delusion book the other day. preaching to the
choir, but an excellent book. it changed my mind about one thing: even
moderate religion is dangerous, in that it provides a safe environment
for lunatic religion to grow.

recommended reading for anyone who's ever been tempted to believe in a
personal creator god.

of course, anyone who REALLY needs to read it wouldn't go anywhere near
such a satanic piece of filth.


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