[LINK] World Domination 201

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Sat Jan 13 17:35:03 AEDT 2007

Rick wrote:
> Has anyone tried Freespire? I am inspired to do so. It might just be the
> killer Debian distro. One would have to be an ultra-purist to forgo these
> 20 proprietary components and use a substandard multimedia desktop. But who
> am I to judge?

I had a brief look at it. I've been using SLED 10 and Simply Mepis 6 and, by 
comparison (on an admittedly brief look), Freespire seemed pretty ordinary by 

That's probably unfair. I agree with the premise of the article and 
functionally, Freespire may well have the goods. If so, I wish it every 
success, it's just not very attractive by comparison.

Gods - did I say that? :-( 


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