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Re this Media Release from Senator the Hon Helen Coonan on 21 June 2006

$116.6 million to Protect Australian Families Online


Is this scheme still alive?

National Filter Scheme

The National Filter Scheme will receive $93.3 million over three years to
provide Australian families with the technology and support to protect their
children in a rapidly changing online environment. The Internet industry will
continue to offer filters or a filtered service after the initial three year
period, at no cost to families.

Under this scheme, families will be offered a filtered service or a free filter
for their home computer either for download from a dedicated website or
delivered to them on CD-ROM. All ISPs will also be required to offer filters to
new and existing customers at no additional cost.

The filters will allow parents to set access limits based on their own family
values to protect children from offensive content on the Internet and emerging
new mobile content services.

The scheme will be administered by the Department of Communications, Information
Technology and the Arts with the support of NetAlert, and will accredit a panel
of filters for distribution that have been tested and approved by the
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for efficacy and minimum
filter standards.

To make it easy for parents to install and operate these systems, filter
providers will be required to offer phone support. NetAlert provides a free
service for parents to seek more generic advice for Internet safety issues that
can be accessed by ringing 1800 880 176.


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