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Stewart Fist stewart_fist at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jan 16 10:22:07 AEDT 2007

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It seems to me that we got a lot of security in our early computerised
financial dealings (in the days before the internet) when we used the old
dial-up phone system to make a direct connection to the bank computer.

It wasn't bad for e-mail, either.

With my trusty Teletype 33 printer-terminal and a 300 baud modem I was able
to conduct international transactions which involved the payment of fairly
large sums of money - with little thought of problems.

Maybe, if phone calls are migrating to VoIP and onto the internet, the
redundant dial-and-switch telephone system can become the preferred (and
relatively-secure) network for conducting financial transactions.

Don't you sometimes feel that we are stretching the limits of the
unregulated internet beyond its capabilities?  Certificates, biometrics, and
the like often seem to me to be constructing authentication-mountains to
solve mole-hill problems.

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