[LINK] Straw Pole of Good Bad and ugly online government services

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Jan 16 16:02:18 AEDT 2007

In March, I am facilitating a workshop on getting more from time and
money invested in online services.

Examples are useful and I wondered if linkers have been delighted by
any online government services.

For the purposes of this exercise I would like to include all three
tiers of government and educational institutions if only to include 
austlii on my good list :-).

On the Good List so far:
*the RTA motor vehicle registration -integrating pink slips
(roadworthyness check) and green slips(third party insurance)
*NSW Land Titles
*Victorian e-government resource centre http://www.egov.vic.gov.au/
*ATO annual return system for accountants

My own experience with the ATO - E-BAS is that I registered in 2000 -
but did not survive their initial upgrades and continue to make paper
DCITA is currently on my bad list - as I don't think I should have to
upgrade my browser to view a text document.

Note, I am keen to hear of effectiveness rather than the technical
aspects of the website. eg - I don't use the ATO annual return system,
but my accountant does and it seems to provide a good turn around.

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