[LINK] FPGA chips (field programmable gate arrays)

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Tue Jan 16 22:59:55 AEDT 2007

Or could be sent a message to give new meaning to Laptop Battery meltdown!

"This device will self destruct in five seconds"

At 10:50 PM 16/01/2007, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>H.P. to Report an Advance in Adaptable Circuitry
>By JOHN MARKOFF www.NYTimes.com
>Published: January 16, 2007
>SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 15 — Hewlett-Packard researchers have developed a
>novel way to create flexible electronic circuits that could make it
>routine by the end of the decade to modify and upgrade the circuitry in
>computer-based consumer products even after they have been sold.
>The technology grows out of an advance in nanocomputing, which involves
>creating circuitry on a molecular scale and making it interact with
>today’s silicon wires and transistors.

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