[LINK] Bilingualism Has Protective Effect In Delaying Onset Of Dementia By Four Years, Canadian Study Shows

Antony Barry tony at tony-barry.emu.id.au
Wed Jan 17 11:59:12 AEDT 2007

On 17/01/2007, at 11:12 AM, Rick Welykochy wrote:

>> http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=60646
>> "Canadian scientists have found astonishing evidence that the  
>> lifelong use of two languages can help delay the onset of dementia  
>> symptoms by four years compared to people who are monolingual."
> I've always thought that Aussies go balmy earlier than Canucks :)
> J'ai toujours pensé que les aussies devenu toqué avant que les  
> canadiens :)

Hmmmm... The Japanese live for a long time. No wonder with Kanji,  
Katakana , Hiragana and Romanan characters.


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