[LINK] Telstra propose biggest rollout in Australia's history

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Thu Jan 18 07:26:14 AEDT 2007

At 11:31 PM 17/01/2007, Frank O'Connor wrote:
>>Two words: corporate welfare.
>Mmmm ... I predicted Telstra would make a play for the lions share 
>of what's in the trough 12 months back - even as they were saying 
>that servicing the country was uneconomic.

Three words: uneconomic for whom?

It's no skin off the Sol's nose (or bankbook) if the funding comes 
from the taxpayer. Gee, you'd think we still had publicly owned 
telco! What is it with people here? The point of privatisation is to 
let the investors make the CAPITAL investment (see, that's the way 
CapitalISM is supposed to work - I learned that in ECO 101). If the 
government wants to subsidise the USERS of the Capital, that is, the 
Public who are the TAXpayers, then so be it. But to put that sort of 
money in the pockets of Tel$tra is insane.

Wait...I figured it out. John Howard and Peter Costello are from the 
Liberal party, major friend of business. What was I thinking?


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