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On 19/01/2007, at 9:00 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:

> At 10:30 AM 1/16/2007, Stewart Fist wrote:
>> I wonder how many metres of water-pipe that $100 would buy ...
> About 21 m (not including delivery): <http://www.amazon.com/dp/ 
> B000LNJXFE/qid=1168990015/ref=sr_1_23>.
> At 12:40 PM 1/16/2007, Adam Todd wrote:
>> Bit o' pipe and a few pumps, some solar stations and presto. ...
> Solar panels are not cheap <http://astore.amazon.com/smart- 
> apartment-20/?node=9>, nor are water pumps <http:// 
> astore.amazon.com/smart-apartment-20/?node=13>. Also they need some  
> training to install and operate. One way to provide that expertise  
> would be via on-line education, but I am still not sure a $100  
> laptop for each child is the way to do it.

Or ditch the solar panels and technology altogether. Thousands of  
VLOM (Village Level Operation Management and Maintenance) handpumps  
have been installed in developing countries since the start of UN's  
Decade of Water for Life (2005-2015). Unfortunately, even these  
proved to be hard to maintain after the first UN's Decade of Water  
(1981-1990), where it is estimated that more than a billion people  
gained access to safe drinking water.

Incidentally, World Water Day is 22 March.


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