[LINK] PayPal phishing scam - is this a domain hijack

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Fri Jan 19 13:13:24 AEDT 2007

Danny Yee wrote:

>>The 2LD domain is has a website: http://raisedtotheground.com/
> Now saying "This Account Has Been Suspended"...  

I see "Website under construction" and I am making the assumption
that this is a valid (non-phishing) website that has had its higher-level
domain parts hijacked. I am wondering if this is an easy thing to do.

For example, my own domain name is praxis.com.au. Is it easy for someone
to use westpac-security.login.validation.praxis.com.au as a valid
domain and get that into the DNS somehow? I would imagine that would
require some (illegal) hacking of zone files.


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