[LINK] $100 laptop could sell to public

Stephen Loosley stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sat Jan 20 21:40:29 AEDT 2007

At 10:35 AM 20/01/2007, Richard writes:

> The OLPC is driven by fine sentiments and laudable enthusiasm.
> So what is the sin in asking these questions? 

If that were all, then, great ... it's comments like in your last post that
I must say get me down regarding a philanthropic education initiative.

Eg: > "The entire scheme is wonderful publicity and that's *all*. "

Which, to me, is unfair and beneath you, Richard. Still, I must admit
that, though after ten years Link of membership I believe my posting
re this was my first 'emotional' type response (and which I don't feel
great about now) a 32 year involvement in education does drive one. .

After so many years of fighting for education resources, in every way
I can, it's a difficult habit to break. By all means, whinge-on my friend,
but please just logically support your arguments, and i will also. Fair?

Cheers Richard
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia   

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