[LINK] Analogue TV frequencies not just used for TV, so spanner in works of spectrum sale

Karl Auer kauer at biplane.com.au
Sun Jan 21 00:06:19 AEDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-20 at 23:28 +1100, Adam Todd wrote:
> >     systems. Although I don't have personal experience using 50 or
> >     more channels, others do; these systems can work with up to about
> >     100 channels.
> You couldn't do that in Australia.  And god know why anyone would be 
> running 100 channels of microphones!  No human could distinguish the sounds!

I think it means channels within the band. Much as you have 11 or so
channels within the 2.4GHz wireless networking band. Wlakie-talkies
often channel hop within the their band to avoid interference. MOdems
(remember modems?) used to channel switch to find the best-quality link
within the band.

Even if it does mean 100 separate feeds, who says they are all going to
the same human ears? It could be multiple destinations. Or think the
entire cast of Cats, each separately miked. Or two or more simultanoeus
productions within the same building.

This, like much of your message, it looks a lot like the Argument from
Personal Ignorance. "I have never had a problem doing what I do, which
is vaguely like what you do, using equipment vaguely like your
equipment, under conditions vaguely like yours, and I have never had a
problem, ergo, you are wrong".


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