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Alan L Tyree wrote:
> Or this one with the same bank. Banking practice here made the fraud
> almost inevitable, and then the Victorian Court of Appeal let them get
> away with it: 
> http://www2.austlii.edu.au/~alan/fraud-by-design.html
On the handful of occassions I ring my (not westpac) bank's telephone
call centre, the operator insists I have to set a password. When I
refuse, they set one for me, saying it will speed up future processing!
As I do not use Internet or Telephone banking - I am guessing/hoping
that if there is a fraud on my account, the issue will be resolved with 
a minimum of fuss.

Note, I do have some confidence in my bank as they have detected and 
addressed an Internet Fraud on my credit card.

With regard to physing, if a username/password is captured in a phishing 
scam, don't they also
need to fake the IP address?

These thre reference may also be of help/interest

Banking on six pillars of safety
S Krishna Kumar, GM (IT) & CISO, SBI, has rested his security strategy
on six pillars of safety that include governance, risk assessment and

ANAO Audit Report. No.45 2005–06, Internet. Security in Australian.
Government Agencies.


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