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Australian Electronic Game Industry Profile
November 2006

Prepared for Game Developers’Association of Australia
by Insight Economics Pty Ltd www.insighteconomics.com.au


The Australian electronic game industry now generates revenues
of approximately $110 million per annum and directly employs
approximately 1600 people of which 1350 are permanent staff and 250 are
contract staff. 

Both turnover and employment is highly concentrated in the largest eight
companies within the industry, with these companies accounting for over
80% of industry activity. Turnover and employment are also concentrated
in Victoria and Queensland, which collectively are the location for
around 80% of industry activity

The sector is a high skill and high wage industry with average wages
above the national full time earnings average ($57,000 per annum) for
most job classifications within the electronic games industry.

The industry has a high export orientation, with the larger companies
within the sector in particular being primarily export focused. All of
the largest 10 companies are more than 80% export oriented and most of
them are more than 95% export oriented.

Overall industry export revenues are estimated to account for over 90% of
total industry revenues.

Over 85% of companies within the industry now engage in the development
of their own intellectual property assets and half of the companies that
don’t currently do so plan to in the future. 

This expectation is in line with a highly growth oriented outlook within 
the industry. Over 90% of companies expect to grow during the next three
years and 70% of companies expect to increase their level of investment
in own intellectual property development over the next three years.

The key growth challenges identified by companies are in the areas of
attracting skilled staff and in accessing the finance for own
intellectual property development.


Cheers Paula
Stephen Loosley

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