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At 9:36 +1100 24/1/07, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>  ... and what is AFSL?

Australian Financial System Licence, I think.

The site of the responsible regulator, ASIC, is hopeless on the 
matter.  (It may be fine if you know what it is, and know you want 

After a quick Google, from:

"Everything you need to know about obtaining an AFS licence or 
varying an existing AFS licence is set out in this article written by 
Holley Nethercote. We tell you the approximate cost, expected 
timeframes, and processes that you'll encounter as you obtain or vary 
your licence. We draw on our years of experience and provide tips and 
tricks to help make the process as painless as possible for you.

"Click here to download the article, which appeared in Money 
Management in 2006".


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