[LINK] Even not with Telstra you are paying too much

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Fri Jan 26 11:44:17 AEDT 2007

The High Court action follows the ACCC last month issuing an interim 
decision which cut the monthly fee Telstra can charge for its line-sharing 
service from up to $9 to $3.20. The regulator has also set a monthly fee 
per line of $17.70 for rivals to access about 70 per cent of Telstra's 
lines, down from an average of $22.

So the $32.90 a month one pays for ones line rental is too much!

And look at that!  $3.20 and you can have your DSL without a phone line 
rental to boot!  Now that's gotta help the VoIP providers!

What?  You're still paying Telstra rates with other providers.  Well they 
too have to make a massive profit from your telecommunications!

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