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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sun Jan 28 08:06:10 AEDT 2007

Kim Holburn wrote:

>> Since 25% of the (zombie) boxes on the Internet are causing 80%+
>> of the spam (as reported by ABC-RN interview with Chris Leug a while
>> back) and these same computers are used to distribute child porn,
>> phishing scams and launch DDos attacks, the Internet would become
>> a much safer and user-friendly place sans Windows.
>> It is really that simple.
>> Of course, economics and market forces would prevent such a 
>> technological crusade from ever taking hold, now wouldn't they?
> Well, I don't think you could do that because most people wouldn't be 
> able to use their computers on the internet, but what you could do is 
> get websites to not accept IE.  Especially if there were any kind of 
> business transaction involved.  Suggest they come back to the site with 
> a secure browser, say opera, firefox etc.  This could be done today.

Banning IE does not address the root of the problem: the flakey
operating system itself.

In reality, the opposite is happening with frightening frequency
on the net: "You are using an incompatible browser. This site works
only with Intern Explorer. You can download it here." You know the
drill. OTOH there are a few good sites out there that actually
direct hapless IE users to try out Firefox. Long may such sites
and ideas survive.

My original suggestion of banning Windows from the Internet is
impractical and unenforceable. Yes, if the technological will were
there it could be done: TCP/IP streams often contain "fingerprints"
of which operating system is in use, but who would implement such
a ban?

If only all those zombies (150 MILLION+) could be used for the
good of mankind. Sigh.


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