[LINK] No-fly zone spoils Google's big day out

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Tue Jan 30 04:42:49 AEDT 2007


> Scores of Sydneysiders who took up Google's challenge to make a  
> spectacle of themselves in an aerial photo shoot staged over the  
> city on Australia Day are likely to be disappointed.
> A plane chartered by Google to take the images never made it over  
> some of the designated areas or arrived hours later than expected   
> by which time, many of those who had been waiting below had moved on.
> The high-resolution images were to be added in about four to six  
> weeks' time to the popular online mapping service Google Maps
> But the flight plan was hastily changed on Friday morning after  
> Sydney air traffic control denied the twin-engine Aero Commander  
> permission to fly over parks and beaches in inner Sydney and the  
> east due to air safety concerns
> Mr Terry O'Connor, a spokesman for Air Services Australia, which  
> oversees air traffic control, said that the pilot was warned when  
> the flight plans were lodged last week that it would be "very  
> difficult or impossible" to give the plane clearance to fly over  
> some of the proposed areas.
> He said they were told the flight path would depend on air traffic  
> at the time.
> Among those missing out on the photo opportunity of a lifetime was  
> a company that had spent $10,000-plus on a sign, an environmental  
> group which organised 200 supporters to form themselves into a  
> slogan on Bondi Beach and a man who drove from Wollongong to Sydney  
> with a message that he hoped would help win back his estranged wife.

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