[LINK] Sweden plans embassy in Second Life

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Is that weird or what?


> Sweden plans embassy in Second Life
> January 29, 2007 - 2:20PM
> Sweden is to become the first country to establish diplomatic  
> representation in the virtual reality world of Second Life,  
> officials said.
> "We are planning to establish a Swedish embassy in Second Life  
> primarily as an information portal for Sweden," Swedish Institute  
> (SI) director Olle Waestberg has told AFP.
> The embassy would not provide passports or visas but would instruct  
> visitors how to obtain such documents in the real world and act as  
> a link to web-based information about the Scandinavian country.
> "Second Life allows us to inform people about Sweden and broaden  
> the opportunity for contact with Sweden easily and cheaply,"  
> Waestberg said.
> The Swedish Institute is an agency of the Swedish foreign ministry  
> tasked with informing the world about Sweden. The ministry fully  
> backed the initiative, he added.
> Second Life - a fantasy world inhabited by computer-generated  
> residents (called avatars) created by San Francisco technology  
> company Linden Lab - has attracted several real-world companies,  
> including car manufacturers and sports clothing makers, which  
> created 3-D stores.

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