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At 16:00 +1100 1/3/07, Eric Scheid wrote:
>hmmm ... the survey is all on one page, and the question of the following
>format (paraphrasing here): ...

Ah yes, well, with more facts on the table, it probably won't take 
*too* long to get a design and statement that's compliant with the 
law and reasonable as well!

A Google on <on-line survey privacy statements> turns up a bunch of 
examples, but I didn't quickly see a template or guidelines.

My generic Privacy Statement Template is here:

A pilot study using it is here:

But of course that's oriented more to B2C eCommerce than surveys.

At 16:00 +1100 1/3/07, Eric Scheid wrote:
>On 1/3/07 3:29 PM, "Roger Clarke" <Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au> wrote:
>>  Here's a response to my posting of a copy on the privacy list:
>>>  Sounds as though they are using the kind of system like Survey
>>>  Monkey (and the Telstra Bigpond new customer survey I was invited to
>>>  do recently!) that requires people to complete one screen at a time,
>>>  not allowing you to see what the next questions are until you answer
>>>  the previous set.  Very presumptuous.  They start, of course, with
>>>  the less intrusive questions and attempt to ease you in to the more
>>>  sensitive ones.  A basic privacy requirement of a survey should be
>>>  to allow people to peruse the entire survey in advance, so they can
>>>  decide for themselves whether or not there are any privacy-invasive
>>>  questions.
>hmmm ... the survey is all on one page, and the question of the following
>format (paraphrasing here):
>"For the following list of items which might be found on a website, please
>enter the label of the section in which you would expect to locate that
>item, and optionally the label of the subsection"
>1. phone number of the call centre
>2. shipping charges for orders
>3. profile/resume of the principal consultant
>4. photos of the key staff
>5. an article from 1999 discussing spam
>6. a list of recent publications
>7. results of a 2004 survey on privacy attitudes
>8. your order history
>[and so on. these are not the actual items which will be on the survey]
>We actually include the suggestion in the instructions that they could
>copy/paste the same label against multiple items.
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