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rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Thu Mar 1 17:59:38 AEDT 2007

Stewart Fist wrote:
> Jan appears apologetic, when she doesn't need to be
>> I agree as to general development of the concept of
>> industrialisation, but we were talking about the electrification
>> roll-out. That's what he systematised and industrialised as several
>> other linkers have pointed out. I didn't mean he developed the entire
>> construct. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Henry Ford, on the other hand....
> I don't think Australians can afford to be critical when we can only boast
> about the stump-jump plough, the Hills hoist, and Victa lawnmower.
...or the cochlear ear implant?
...or the quantum-well laser (ok, joint Au-US. An Australian working in 
Bell Labs in the late 70s or early 80s)?
...or the significant contribution to FDDI?  (a dead technology now, but 
once important)
...or the large amoutn of current work in quantum computing?
...or the Trumpet dialler, which was quite significant in the 
popularisation of the Internet?
...or the Queensland Uni scramjet?

We're not hopeless; nor is it particularly an Australian government 
problem. Our issue is a mindset that puts real estate investment ahead 
of all else - and that attitude is just as influential in business as in 

And, of course, the hostility to basic research. Damned if I know how 
the quantum computing guys keep it happening, considering that they're 
working on something which is:
- esoteric
- relatively expensive
- has no immediate appeal to BHP or Western Mining, or any of the other 
trogs whose voice infests the lobbies of government, and
- cannot be commercialised in three weeks' time.


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