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> Stewart Fist wrote:
>> I don't think Australians can afford to be critical when we can only boast
>> about the stump-jump plough, the Hills hoist, and Victa lawnmower.
> ...or the cochlear ear implant?
> ...or the quantum-well laser (ok, joint Au-US. An Australian working in
> Bell Labs in the late 70s or early 80s)?
> ...or the significant contribution to FDDI?  (a dead technology now, but
> once important)
> ...or the large amoutn of current work in quantum computing?
> ...or the Trumpet dialler, which was quite significant in the
> popularisation of the Internet?
> ...or the Queensland Uni scramjet?
And, to keep the list going...

the fisheye lens
the "black box" flight recorder
the differential gear ("the diff", David Shearer 1897)
the wave-piercing catamaran
the box kite
the electric drill (1889)
the notepad (sheets of paper glued together along an edge)
latex gloves
"xerox" photocopying
mechanical refrigeration
the wine cask
polymer banknotes
heart pacemaker
the Fairlight CMI
the teleprinter
gene shears
x-ray crystallography
... and many many more at


Plus of course Vegemite!


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