[LINK] Digestible RFID Tag

Geoffrey Ramadan gramadan at umd.com.au
Fri Mar 2 09:16:58 AEDT 2007

They mean digestible.

"The tag system outlined in the patent includes a tag comprised of at 
least one antenna <javascript:OpenGlossary("antenna");>—which could be 
made of digestible material such as encapsulated metallic liquids, 
clays, or even liquids or gases—and an external transceiver 
<javascript:OpenGlossary("transceiver");> that communicates with the tag 
to read <javascript:OpenGlossary("read");> the RF signals. The tag would 
document when a pill was digested because its antenna would also have 
been broken down at the same time, thus destroying the tag's ability to 
receive and transmit an RF signal."

BTW "Electronic Article Surveillance", as used in Kmart, is based on 
different technology (typically 58Khz signal), and would not be affected 
by RFID.

Geoffrey Ramadan

Adam Todd wrote:
> Do they mean digestible or "consumable"
> If it's digestible it's not going to be much use when it goes into the 
> body, it will break down and be absorbed.
> I think they mean one that can pass through the body - surely.
> That aside, I can just see someone who's taken a dozen pills in the 
> morning walking through Kmarts detectors!
> <rofl>
> At 09:04 AM 1/03/2007, Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:
>> New application for RFID!!
>> http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/articleview/3100/1/1/
>> Kodak's RFID Moment
>> The company recently filed a patent for a digestible radio frequency 
>> identification tag, which would monitor the ingestion of medicine, 
>> but Kodak won't divulge its commercial intentions....

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