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Mike Shearer mike.shearer at jcu.edu.au
Fri Mar 2 09:50:25 AEDT 2007

Howard Lowndes wrote:
> Is there any validity in this claim?
>>               Sensis, as you may or may not know, is a subsidiary of
>> Telstra. The 1234 number is replacing the Telstra 12456 directory
>> assistance number, but this time with outrageous costs attached: 40c to
>> call the number, then 4c A SECOND!
The latest directory just delivered in Townsville lists the 1234 charge 
as $1.40 plus standard mobile charges if applicable plus $0.88 if a 
successful connection is made [by the enquiry operator?] to the 
requested number.

The conditions for 1223 are strange: "Free for Telstra long distance 
customers making a direct dialled call from their fixed home phone and 
from a Telstra public payphone".  The operator I checked with could not 
explain the "long distance" but insisted that provided the call is from 
a Telstra home phone then the service is free, even if I'm asking for my 
neighbour's number.  She did not know what the fee would be if I was not 
calling from home, and said I should "check with my provider"


Mike Shearer
James Cook University
Townsville   Queensland 4810

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