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Stewart Fist stewart_fist at optusnet.com.au
Fri Mar 2 11:26:17 AEDT 2007

Richard and Howard wrote (similarly):

> Stewart Fist wrote:
>> I don't think Australians can afford to be critical when we can only boast
>> about the stump-jump plough, the Hills hoist, and Victa lawnmower.
> The header, microwave instrument approach, the cochlia implant, the
> Sarach engine, Aspirin, ...

The John-Howard cop-out words in my statement were "only boast about" :)  --
as in demonstrate to the world at the Olympic Games.

99% of Australians have never heard of the (failed) aircraft microwave
instrument appraach or the (also failed) Sarich engine.  And the header was
invented by about ten different people, you will find.

  And I don't know how Aspirin (a German invention) came to be listed as an
Australian invention.  I guess we are getting Russianised or Americanized.

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