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Brendan writes:

> I have not read the book.  However, if this is his thesis it is plainly false.
> Everyone believes something - indeed I believe most of everyone's daily lives
> is dictated by one belief or another.
> There's plenty of philosophy of science type stuff to show that any science
> which has an interplay with the real world is always contingent.

My definition:
"belief" a feeling of certainty about something without any (or with little)
basis in verifiable evidence.  Beliefs of the kind we are discussing are
generally "absolute".

"knowledge" a feeling of certainty in proportion to the supporting
verifiable evidence.  Knowledge of this kind is always uncertain, but

If you accept my definitions, then I don't agree with your proposition,
except in the way that most decisions in my life are far too trivial to
worry about following the chain of evidence back to some firm basis

In those areas that do matter intellectually, I try to rely on knowledge as
much as possible, rather than depending on a whole series of absurd or
non-rational beliefs instilled in me before I was old enough to know better.

Like everyone, I am a product of my past.  But we aethists try to do better.

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