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Mike Shearer mike.shearer at jcu.edu.au
Fri Mar 2 17:19:22 AEDT 2007

Frank O'Connor wrote:
> I would also point out however that little numbers like art, drama, 
> music and literature don't come from the same methodology or adherence 
> to cold logic, probability, evidence and systems. You can't create a 
> great symphony by applying a formula to sound. That requires talent, 
> and motivation and something more ethereal ... a longing and an idea. 
> And even in simply playing music, not everyone can have the talent of 
> an Eric Clapton or a Carlos Santana with a guitar, for example.
> These achievements come from feelings, and talent and belief ... from 
> an esoteric mental vision that the author or player is gifted by ... 
> not simply from practice or applying a system to sound.
> The Bard and others of a literary inclination, great visual artists, 
> brilliant stage technicians and great musicians operate on a 
> non-rational plane.
But, the important but, it's not necessary to postulate some 
supernatural being to explain the above non scientific non-logical 
phenomena.  Which makes them irrelevant red herrings to the Dawkins 
debate. The nub of which is: belief in the supernatural has and is 
leading to serious danger for the world and all on it, and it's time to 
question the beliefs and where they cannot be supported with evidence to 
justify them then they must be abandoned.


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