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Hi all,

Interesting Aussie stock exchange (ASX) announcement on Friday.

How about your normal Aussie public payphone offering, Voice over 
Internet Protocol (eg Skype) telephone calls, internet access, digital 
download and upload, SMS messaging, email services and a Wifi hotspot? 
And if the trial works, one guesses we'll have more public phones also.

(ASX) Telecom New Zealand Contract  2-Mar-2007

(A company) has announced that it has signed a contract with Telecom New 
Zealand to trial its new Webphone product.

The purpose of the trial is to test how customers respond to the new 
services and functionality offered by the Webphones. Initially 
approximately six Webphones will be trialed in high profile internal 
Telecom payphone locations, replacing the existing payphones for a period 
of nine months. The results of the trial will enable Telecom to decide if 
it can scale a business model and structure for the possible future roll 
out of Webphone’s throughout New Zealand. 

The Webphone is a fully Internet Protocol payphone offering; voice over 
Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) telephone calls; internet access; digital 
download and upload; SMS messaging; email services and Wifi hotspot."

Product Description:

 Advantech PCM-5823 Embedded PC
 Compact Flash storage device
 17" industrial-grade touchscreen
 VOIP broadband router
 Ruggedized keyboard and trackball
 Vandal resistant cabinet
 Toughened phone handset and cord

(Company) Embedded Software:
 firewall,
 virus-prevention mechanisms,
 3-tier security system
 Auto-monitor, auto-correct systems
 Comprehensive activity logging
 licensed,
 automatic updates.

Helpdesk: 24/7 International Networks Operation Centre helpdesk support
Online Reporting: Remote, continuous measurements and analysis of usage 
patterns through devices, available to view anytime online
Onsite Technical Support: through xxx Support Partner– Nationwide field 
support from 100 authorised service agents
Content Filter: denies access to objectionable material on the internet
Warranty: Return to base manufacturers warranty for all components.

Cheers all ..

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