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> > and i'm still waiting to see a PVR (Personal Video Recorder - a HD
> > or SD set top box with a hard disc recorder) with an RJ-45 network
> > port built in. the cheapest ones still cost over $400 these days,
> > and some cost well over $1100...but they don't have a network port
> > in them for transferring recordings to/from a PC (or for playing
> > video, or mp3, files that happen to be stored on a PC).
> Topfield, a Korean PVR have a number of models which all have USB-2
> interfaces, two digital tuners - so you can record two channels of TV
> and view a recording simultaneously. They also allow a HDD upgrade
> with about the same difficulty as changing a desktop PC hard disk. One
> model even has an 802.11g interface, although when transferring an
> hour program to a computer via wireless it may be more like 'go grow
> some coffee beans' than 'go and have a cup of coffee'.
> I tried the PC DVB card option for a while, it worked ok, but was a
> convoluted and labour intensive way of watching recorded programs. The
> real advantage of the PVR is that you can watch a recording while it's
> still happening. We tend to record the ABC from 1900 to midnight every
> night and then watch the news followed by whatever's appealing.
> Although I know it is possible to export the programs in practice
> there's very little I would bother keeping.

Topfield distributor penalised $238 000 for resale price maintenance


The news release from ASIC is dated 13 December 2006 and notes that
injunctions were issued to prevent further resale price maintenance.

Looks to be an interesting box.


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