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On 04/03/2007, at 4:32 AM, Adam Todd wrote:

> Nope, most LCD and Plasma don't have Digital Tuners.  There are  
> some, but not many.  DVD recorders don't have digital tuners.   
> VCR's still selling well, don't have digital tuners.

This is no longer true. I bought a new plasma this weekend (my old  
one went kaboom a week or so ago and it seems I can't live without at  
least 42" of high definition gloriousness). When I checked out the  
available models at JB, almost all of them had at least an SD digital  
tuner built in. All of the current release HD models had an HD tuner  
built in.

The thing to look for now is the quality of the upscaler in the panel  
you select. Considering you can now get plasma and LCD panels at full  
HD resolution (1920x1080), you need to keep in mind that DVDs, SD  
broadcast and even some so-called HD broadcasts are nowhere near that  
resolution. So, the quality you see is based on how good the software  
in your panel is at upscaling the source.

I actually bought a new Pioneer DVD player with HDMI out as the  
Pioneers are really good (relative to the low cost of the unit) at  
upscaling DVD content to 1080i, which is what my new plasma's native  
resolution is.


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