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andrew clarke wrote:
> Walter Mossberg, once more from the article:
>>"It's unbelievably confusing. You need an encyclopedia to walk into the
>>TV aisle at Circuit City,"
> Unfortunately he doesn't elaborate on any of that.  Clearly he is
> exaggerating, but even so, I don't think the situation is as confusing
> as he makes out, unless the US is using multiple digital transmission
> formats in different regions.  In Australia (and also many parts of
> Europe), DVB-T is used for free-to-air TV on the VHF & UHF bands.  I was
> under the impression though that the US had chosen a single format,
> albeit incompatible with DVB.
> I suspect the most confusing aspect of buying a new TV is whether to
> choose a CRT, LCD, plasma or rear projection set...
My analysis, is that the real driver for Digital Broadcasting is better 
use of the spectrum.

The US went with an inband switch to Digitisation, whereas Australia and 
Europe are looking at rellocation of spare spectrum after content 
equivalent is provided.
It is a bit more complicated in the US, where Cable is more pervasive 
and I think, currently Analog.  Satellite is already Digital.

The game being played in Australia, is when should the Analog Spectrum 
be freed up. Ofcourse in Southern Australia spectrum for terrestrial 
transmission isn't a big thing, but in Northern Australia and Europe the 
scenario is a bit different.

Not sure if there was any signficance in the number of mexicans at this 
years' logies.

to get the full picture, check out
> Christian radio: conversion on the airwaves
> AM - Saturday, 19 June , 2004  08:24:00
> Welcome to Channel NSW, Channel 45 on your digital set-top receiver. Channel NSW is an initiative of the New South Wales Government Chief Information Office (GCIO) in partnership with over twenty New South Wales Government agencies, more . . .
corporates and communities also broadcast private/pay channels
and there are the community channels - TVS in Sydney, Channel 31 in 
Melbrourne, and I have heard is now back in Sydney

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