[LINK] Sorry, but a Duh! question on Winders

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Thu Mar 8 07:44:48 AEDT 2007


The association is made to the type of document. So, for eg, once a JPG 
is associated with Paintshop Pro, all JPGs inherit the association.

Using this as an example, to change the association:

- Right click on any JPG (that is, any file with the appropriate file 
- Open "Properties"
- Look for "Opens With" in the properties dialogue; there will be a 
"Change" button which allows you to change the program these files open 


Howard Lowndes wrote:
> When you plug in a USB stick into WXP it normally presents a window 
> soliciting what you want to do with the contents.  There is also a 
> checkbox to always perform the same association on future plug ins.
> HTF, and where TF do you disassociate a program that has gotten 
> permanently associated from a USB stick?

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