[LINK] Real use of flash drive lanyard

Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Fri Mar 9 09:09:57 AEDT 2007

At 02:08 AM 7/03/2007, Adam Todd wrote:
>... Add in an RFID!  When the user moves out of range of the RFID 
>detector, it logs them out, closes the flash and ejects it ...

My flash drive minding system was a little more basic than that 
The "warning" is a tug from the lanyard attached between the flash 
drive and the user. The "automatic eject" is the lanyard pulling the 
flash drive out of the socket. The mil spec lanyards are flexible 
plastic molded as a large spring, strong enough to hold a handgun, so 
the ejection process would be dramatic 
<http://astore.amazon.com/usb-20/detail/B000J4G75E/>.  ;-)

Several people suggested wireless tracking devices for flash drives. 
It turns out these are also used for children with behavioral 
problems.  An alarm sounds when the child is more than a few paces 
from the parent. This helps teach the child not to wader.

Simple systems are designed for tracking briefcases 
<http://astore.amazon.com/usb-20/detail/B000BD9NKO/> but more complex 
systems are specifically designed for tracking multiple children 
<http://astore.amazon.com/usb-20/detail/B0002TPEE6/>. The latter look 
a bit too much like tracking devices fitted to prisoners for my liking.

As more gadgets become available, will children be fitted out like 
cyborgs, with cameras and microphones, so we can check what they are doing?

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