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> > * The card could be used to check eligibility for other 
> concessions, 
> > such as public transport and cinema discounts.
> > 
> > * The Government says it will heavily penalise 
> non-authorised people 
> > and firms demanding card for identification purposes, but privacy 
> > campaigners say this will be hard to check, and card will 
> inevitably 
> > morph into a national identity card.
> Would someone care to explain how the card's use for gaining 
> transport and cinema discounts does not come under the 
> category of "non-authorised people and firms".  I don't care 
> whether they are "public" transport - they are businesses and 
> if they are going to offer discounts then they had better 
> come up with another method for assessing qualification; and 
> I won't even start about cinemas...

Pension cards are purple maybe, so you only have to show them a purple
card with your photo on it.

They still don't know who you are and aren't allowed to touch or read
the card.  I bet they won't do this though, the cinemas will want you to
buy tickets from those awful kiosk machines and they'll want you to put
the Australia card in to get the discount.

The Cinemas will not be allowed to 'demand the card for ID', but will
they be allowed to offer a discount to anyone who submits to processing?

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